Folklore is an inherent aspect of Blackness and the history of Black people. Black people are able to celebrate life by finding love and joy in the midst of destruction, state sanctioned killing sprees, stock market crashes, and natural disasters.

My work focuses on accessing the memory landscape of Blackness and the folklore that lives within memories. Memories are constructed not only from personal experience but also from cultural influences (jokes, colloquialism, tales, paintings, etc.) as well as greater historical knowledge. The intangible aspect of Memory is concretized in a visceral sense via the body but is triggered by an object, image, sound, or gesture. Cultural Memory and folklore are intertwined. I want my work to invoke memories of folklore, and familiar images of Black people expressing love, tenderness and intimacy. I want my images to speak to all members of the diaspora to remind them of a memory landscape we are all connected by.

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