Faith Couch

'Farmers' . 2016. 

All my work reflects my identity as a Black woman. Examining what it means to be black and to be a woman in the society in which I exist. The media and history has created a very narrow and negative binary in which the image of Blackness gets perpetuated. I want to reinvent the image of Blackness.With this piece I wanted to examine the idea of humanness in relation to Black people. I wanted to create a piece that could plant a seed in the minds of my viewers to splinter the engrained idea of "Blackness". In this piece, the sound is taken from a James Baldwin speech called " Living and Growing in a White World". With these images, I wanted to emphasize the relationship between Black people, the earth, and the connection that is shared between them that has carried them throughout history. Whether it be through rituals and practices in Africa, sharecropping, slavery or inventions; our divine connection with the earth derives from our dire need to survive.

Free Doom

'Free Doom' 2016

Repetition is a way of making ideas stick in peoples minds. A way of learning a new language is through the use of repetition. 

During colonialism and slavery Black people were forced to abandon their native tongue and learn the language of the colonizer.  

The idea of "freedom" had to be redefined and reconstituted within the circumstances of colonial oppression. 

Just Hair


The natural hair movement for Black women has began to be popular again.

In the 60's the natural look was born out of Black Pride. Black women no longer wanted to assimilate, but wear their natural hair and be proud.

Today Black women are proud of their hair, but often taunted about it. This piece was an ode to Black women whose hair gets taunted and commodified at the same time. It's not just hair, but symbol of cultural pride and glory. 

United States of Levittowns


Through repetition of both sound and visual imagery, I trace the longing for transcendence through Black People's new found identity in the new world. It challenges the relationship and dependency upon the God entity and those who are oppressed. This video explores the necessity of seeking beyond self as well as the immediate and ongoing circumstances of systematic and social violence.

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